Kimchi Price Increase

Over the last few weeks we've been transitioning to a larger sized kimchi jar. Now that we're fully into the jars, we wanted to let you all know that the price for our kimchi is going to be increasing slightly as well.

Starting July 1, 2022:⁠
🥬 Small Jar (450g): new price $12.50 ⁠
🥬 Large Jar (1.8kg): new price $38⁠

This price increase is mostly going to impact online orders from our website. We'll continue to have specials and discounts at farmers markets, so come find us at a local market to take advantage of those deals!

➡️ Why the increase? We know you're all sick of hearing about supply chain issues and inflation, but it's real and it's making it so hard for us all ☹️. We've tried to hold off on increasing prices for as long as possible, but the cost of the produce alone to make our kimchi has nearly doubled since last year!⁠

We've tried to keep the increase as small as possible, because we know everything is getting more expensive for everyone and it makes it really hard to support all of the small, local businesses you love.

As a small business, we're faced with new challenges every day, but in addition to rising costs over the last year, we also want to stay committed to maintaining our values of sourcing from local farmers and other local small businesses as much as possible, making the highest quality products we can, and paying fair, living wages.⁠

While no-one likes to hear of a price increase, we hope you understand, and as always, thank you all so much for supporting our small, local business - we appreciate every single order you make. ❤️🙏